Colorado State Clinical Trials Dog Cover Model – Sage

American Humane Association™ Hero Dog Awards, presented by cesar® canine cuisine is proud to offer you this highlight of 2011 Search and Rescue Finalist Sage.

I photographed Sage in May of 2010 in Fort Collins, CO. The image of Sage with her badge in the video is from that session. She is also one of the seven dogs highlighted in my Survivors book I wrote in 2010.

Being in the presence of Sage was similar to meeting a famous person. We spent the morning together in a park with her owners. It was a beautiful sunny day and Sage’s energy and love for her owner made it even more beautiful.

I love working with canine cancer survivors for this reason.

They have no fear for tomorrow and no worries from yesterday.

They live in the moment.

I wanted to share with you this image in the Colorado State University Clinical Trials Pamphlet. Doesn’t Sage look awesome?

For more information about how you can help support

Colorado State University – Animal Cancer Center – CLICK HERE. Thank you!

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